Ad Astra Apparel Co. has a diverse art background and unique ability to bring the digital to the tangible. We are one of the few screenprinters in Wichita who can see your project through - from beginning to end. 


Ad Astra Apparel maintains a team of graphic designers utilizing the Adobe Creative Suite who can make your idea a reality. Schedule a free design consultation to sit down with a designer to develop a concept and quotation for your project. 

Our in-house design professionals will make sure you have art that you love and ensure that your project is done quickly, usually around 7 days once you have signed-off on art design. 


Ad Astra Apparel maintains heat sublimation printers and heat transfer for those one-off prints you may desire. Additionally, Ad Astra Apparel maintains both manual presses (around 75 multicolor prints per hour) and automatic presses (around 400 multicolor prints per hour).  

We understand that every job is important, and that developing one-offs are important for our customers to show concept and build support for larger runs. 


Ad Astra utilizes the Pantone® Matching System to match your desired colors. Pantone® is a color standardization used across the printing industries, from offset lithography to screenprinting.


Red is one of the more expansive options available under the Pantone® system. Most customers prefer the very traditional "Fire Engine Red", which is Pantone®186-C. On paper, Fire Engine Red presents a nice, strong red, however, in the context of screen printing, we prefer a much brighter alternative, such as Pantone 485-C. 

For more information, please check out a blog post we did about the use of Pantone® Color Matching System. 

Color is everything. We'll help you get it right.