Screenprinting for your employees, your next family or class reunion, or your next pub crawl doesn't need to be an expensive adventure. We're prepared to help you meet your budget demands and produce a high quality decorated garment for your next event. Here's a few of our tips for keeping your next screenprinting project under budget.  

Limit the number of colors  

The number of colors you utilize for your project will increase the cost of your project. For each spot color utilized in a project, a unique screen must be utilized. Our in-house artists are happy to work with you to find creative ways to reduce the number of colors you utilize in your design. 


The type and quality of garment you choose for your project will impact the project total price. During our design consultation, we will review a variety of options so you can select a garment that fits the budget for your project.

pricelines a.k.a. quantity breaks

Because the screens used in screen printing cost the same and take the same time to set-up regardless of the size of the order, the more your order, the more per piece you have to spread that cost across an entire project. It's fairly simple: the more you order, the cheaper per piece price you will pay for the project. While we can print any quantity, our price breaks begin at Quantity 50.