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Updated: Mar 26, 2019

Brand consistency is critical for building trust and evoking images, understanding and even memories that consumers can recognize in the flash of a moment. Brand consistency requires, generally, that the same font and colors are used in each representation of the brand. Developing brand consistency is pretty straight-forward, but it requires discipline for the owner or owners of the brand and the individuals handling marketing to insist upon consistency in all representation and iterations of the brand.

Frequently, we have clients who tell us they want a blue and red shirt. We are equipped for blue and red, no doubt, but many times clients do not mean blue or red. What they mean is their blue and their red.

More frequently, the initial concepts of art design that we receive are low quality, raster images where it is difficult to discern a consistent color.

If you are printing shirts that are reproductions of images or logo designs, it is also always best to have our professionals perform a color matching for your project so that you can ensure that, for example, your son's baseball jerseys match last year's jersey and, more importantly, team colors.

Pantone® color matching is an industry-wide standard for color matching to ensure your color is the same across printers, print types and print substrates.

For the color red, there are virtually hundreds of options available in the Pantone® color book. While the Kansas City Chiefs, Cincinnati Reds, Chicago Bulls, University of Arkansas Razorbacks, and Harvard University all use the color red in their branding, those reds are very distinct.

On your next job, we'll help you get your color matches right so that you're not using an Arkansas Razorbacks Pantone® 201-C at your Chiefs tailgate party.

Get in touch with us today so that we can begin your next project.

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